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Serving the Marine Industry Since 1963
Jack Morman SAMS-A.M.S.® #674 & Matt Morman SAMS-A.M.S.® #985
Jack Morman SAMS- A.M.S.® #674
Matt Morman SAMS- A.M.S.® #985

We are located in the Metro Detroit area and serve the Great Lakes including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Morman Marine Surveyors provide a fair and honest assessment of your fiberglass or wood boat for purposes of buying, selling and insurance. Both Jack and Matt are Accredited Marine Surveyors® as members of Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors®.

We at Morman Marine Surveyors believe it is best to keep both your feet in one boat at a time. Some area surveyors have careers outside the boating industry, supplementing their income with surveying. We are professional Accredited surveyors that have been a part of the boat service industry since 1963, focused on the satisfaction of our customers. Our experiences in major and minor repairs, thermal imaging, new construction, composite technologies, rigging, offshore racing, boat deliveries and marine surveys have built the knowledge contained in each survey report. Contributing our experience to your needs in boating, we can deliver the most comprehensive survey.